New and better hearing aids – Part 1

July 31, 2015

Starkey , FamilyHero

People decide to wear hearing aids because better hearing often means better quality of life. With this in mind, a new family of high performance hearing aids was designed.

Comfort and performance

Recent advances in electronics have allowed engineers to significantly reduce the size of electronic components, while improving their resistance and reliability. The latest devices are equipped with very small microphones that are ultra-resistant to vibrations, humidity and temperature variations, and deliver outstanding sound quality to boot. What’s more, these new microphones attenuate the background noise generated by hearing aid circuit.

Directional acuity

The switch to smaller microphones has also led to a big improvement in directional mode performance (a feature that amplifies the sounds and voice of a conversation partner while attenuating other noises). This new technology, called “Directional Acuity,” adjusts the directional feature by frequency—a big plus in noisy environments. It allows the microphone of the hearing aid to focus on speech frequencies while reducing noise sources that can compete with speech.

Voice iQ

Voice iQ is a noise reduction system featuring a detection technology that categorizes speech or noise almost instantly. Combined with directional acuity, Voice iQ delivers better results in noisy environments. Available in all models at all levels of technology, Voice iQ is designed for busy people on the go. Thanks to its flexible programming, Voice iQ provides sound quality in noisy environments when combined with new microphones.

To determine which hearing aids are best for you, consult an audioprosthetist.

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