Be creative!

May 15, 2008 by Suzanne Belzile
Soyez créatif
When we start believing that there is nothing left to do in our home, death then enters.
Chinese proverb

Through art, one can let go of tension and gain self-confidence. It can even be therapeutic! Let the light enter your life. No matter the type, the enrichment resulting from learning a new art can stimulate creativity in people of all ages.

Through art, to each their own, one can blossom and reach higher levels of acknowledgement. Art deeply influences our lives and helps to unite generations. Despite all the differences that exist among us, each individual, in his own way, is animate by wisdom and possesses a rich heritage of experiences to share.

As we grow older our tastes are refined. We learn to appreciate the value of things. We become more sensitive to the beauty of individuals who surround us.

In each of us is an artist. No matter the expressive form it will take, what is important is that each person gains consciousness of the potential that is within them. This potential which could lead to the creation of a song that others like to sing, an admirable painting, a musical piece for others to listen to or play, a book that will bring joy to those who read it. An artiste knows to share their passion for their own pleasure, but also for others.

Refusing to grow old is staying creative.