At the students’ pace

November 10, 2016


École oraliste is a great school with great energy. The teachers in lots of schools are dedicated, but this school has something more. It’s like all the students are their kids. It’s a big family.” Christian Morissette

Human relationships first

École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds offers an education adapted to hearing-impaired students’ difficulties. A few years ago, drum lessons were added, turning students’ extra energy into positive energy. Christian Morissette has happily taught drums at the school since then.

Teachers have seen an improvement in students’ behaviour thanks to music. The students have also developed unequalled discipline, considering they need to work hard in music classes and be there on a set schedule, even if they would sometimes rather play outside with their friends.

Teachers and school administrators work together and make sure each child has what he or she needs to grow. For Christian, his relationship with the students is what’s most important. While he wants to help students progress musically, he knows the drum allows them to let off steam. For him, the human relationship comes before the instrument.

Twice a year, students give impressive and touching concerts for friends and family. It reminds everyone that deafness is not an obstacle.

Protecting our ears: A must!

When he gives drum lessons, Christian uses earmolds to protect his hearing. He started wearing them gradually, then got used to wearing them at each concert and during music classes. Sometimes he even forgets he is wearing them!

His musicians’ earmolds control the decibel level and protect his hearing while allowing him to hear his colleagues. Now, he could not go without them. He thinks musicians should know more about them, for their hearing protection.

About Christian Morissette

When he was younger, Christian Morissette dreamt of playing drums. At age 18, he decided to buy a drum set and take private lessons.

At age 25, he had the ultimate revelation: he needed and wanted to make a living from his music. He earned a college degree in music from Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy. Since then, he has played in concerts, given private lessons in his studio for a variety of clients, and taught in schools. Over time, teaching has also become his passion. In 2011 after noticing a lack of comprehensive drum guides, he wrote Drummer’s Guide. His guide has earned him tremendous acclaim.

For Christian, interacting with people is as important as the music itself. For him, the joy of playing drums and his relationships with other musicians are more important than the type of music. It’s not unusual to see him at a pop-rock concert one night and at a concert of another style the next!