Aging safely

December 23, 2014 by Martine Rodrigue

Vieillir en securité

Although society has rules, laws and services in place that are designed to protect its citizens, the fact remains that, at every stage of our lives, we are responsible for the choices we make. 

Avoid falling into the trap of letting others decide for you! Be vigilant and fight those hostile misconceptions about the elderly, which, all too often, lead to passiveness and resignation. Try to be open and far-sighted: know how to recognize your own needs and make decisions for yourself. By refusing to be left out of decision-making processes that have an impact on you, you are proving that the right to free and informed consent is something that is exercised, not negotiated.

Watch for chances to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, and find out what is available to you when you have a need—these are great ways to be sure that a decision will reflect your wishes, not the interests of the people around you.

Several non-profit organizations, such as the AQDR, exist to promote the interests of senior citizens, and hold community information sessions on a variety of topics. Sessions like these are a great way to stay informed. Don’t hesitate to accept an invitation. Who knows, maybe you will even meet people and expand your social networks! Let’s protect ourselves.

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