Let’s act together against ageism!

September 14, 2015

Association québécoise de gérontologie

Ageism is insidiously persistent in our society, even in the current context of rapid population ageing and increasing life expectancy. Ageism is closely related to racism and sexism, but it is veiled in silence. Still, the impact of ageism on seniors is significant: their identity and self-esteem are directly affected. Ageist behavior can lead seniors to disengage from society, despite their essential role in linking generations.

According to some authors (Burchett, 2005; Palmore, 2004; Palmore 2001), ageism is a bias against what we will become rather than a prejudice against who we are. This means every single one of us will likely become a target of ageism over time! We must stay vigilant and work together to fight ageism and change people’s mindset with respect to ageing.

Seniors should be a source of pride for our society, because they are an essential social resource. Association québécoise de gérontologie seeks to highlight this.

Editorial by Martine Lagacé (Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Ottawa), Vie et vieillissement, Volume 7, # 2.