About the Lobe network of clinics

July 17, 2012
In the general population, 1 out of 10 people would be suffering from deafness, and 75% of them do not consult a health professional about it, for various reasons: lack of information, process misunderstanding or service accessibility.

This is why the Lobe network of clinics has been created: all the hearing health, language and speech professionals are gathered under the same roof, which greatly facilitates the process for clients. We coordinate all the necessary appointments with the various professionals that the patient must see. In one call, it is possible to reach the following professionnals:

  • ENT specialists
  • Audiologists
  • Audioprosthetists
  • Hearing health nurses
  • Specialized educators
  • Speech-language pathologists
The Lobe network of clinics is expanding throughout Québec. We now have over 35 clinics all over the province.

To increase service accessibility, day and night appointments are available. The patient can see all hearing health and communication specialists quickly, without the long delays usually imposed by the public sector.