Services offered by the audiologists*

November 16, 2011

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Members of the OOAQ

  • Newborn screening (otoacoustic emission testing)
  • Audiometric evaluation for children (ages 9 months and up) and adults
  • Comprehensive needs assessment and hearing aid / assistive listening device recommendations
  • Hearing evaluations to provide expert opinions for the RAMQ, CSST, SAAQ and Veterans Affairs
  • Hyperacusis and tinnitus assessment and rehabilitation
  • Assessment and rehabilitation of central auditory processing disorders
  • Aural rehabilitation programs

Although their hearing is normal, certain children may have some difficulty in school because of central auditory processing disorders. Evaluations for central auditory processing disorders are carried out by the audiologists working in the Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics.

The majority of private insurance programs pay for costs related to evaluations carried out by audiologists.

* The professional services available at Lobe Santé auditive et communication’s clinics may vary from one establishment to the next.