A few examples of recent concrete steps taken by Réseau FADOQ

March 8, 2013

Recognized for more than 40 years for the many activities, discounts and privileges it offers its clientele, Réseau FADOQ plays an equally important role in terms of promoting the rights of people aged 50 and over. As the leader of Quebec’s seniors’ organizations, it leverages all forums to put a stop to injustices and to advance social initiatives aimed at fostering well-being, particularly among the most disadvantaged.

Concrete steps taken recently by Réseau FADOQ include:

  • Housing: Réseau FADOQ is the leader behind the Senior Housing Quality Program, a voluntary process for assessing the quality of life in private seniors’ residences and the satisfaction of their clientele.
  • Experienced workers: Réseau FADOQ created a guide on mentoring and also lobbies the government to keep experienced workers in the job market and raise awareness among employers of how to preserve this valuable workforce.
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS): Réseau FADOQ has made headway in its key offensive to enhance the GIS and ensure automatic registration in this federal program intended for the most disadvantaged seniors.
  • Abuse and mistreatment: Réseau FADOQ, the Sûreté du Québec and CSSS Cavendish set up the Senior-Aware program which, through province-wide information sessions, strives to prevent the abuse and fraud to which seniors can fall prey.
  • Home support services: Réseau FADOQ seeks recognition for natural caregivers, additional resources and simplified, more generous tax credits.
  • Retirement: With supplemental pension plans in jeopardy, Réseau FADOQ defends the interests of those who stand to lose the most in this thorny issue: retirees.

By taking a continued proactive approach toward all matters, Réseau FADOQ’s list of initiatives is sure to grow. Given the organization’s well-established reputation in this regard, it would be hard to imagine Quebec without this invaluable network of solidarity aimed at those who built our society.

Help boost the driving force of Réseau FADOQ and improve the quality of life of Quebecers aged 50 and over by becoming a member today!

To obtain your FADOQ card, visit fadoq.ca or call 1 800 828-3344.

Réseau FADOQ is proud to give its members access to the Accès-Lobe hearing health program.