Active aging: People 50 and over are setting the example

September 14, 2015
Vieillissement actifChildren are the most precious gift to a society. A healthy lifestyle, and physical activity in particular, are essential to ensure their good health. There is nothing better than parents and grandparents that set the example by being active—even more so when they invite young people to move with them!

More and more people 50 and over are getting back into shape or staying fit. Some of them do it solo or with their spouse; others take
classes or go to a local gym.

A number of them are members of Réseau FADOQ, whose 45-year mission has been to offer a variety of leisure activities to its members, who are increasingly “younger” seniors concerned with maintaining a good quality of life as they age.

Getting moving with the kids and grandkids

No matter how they keep active, these seniors are full of energy when time comes to take care of their grandchildren or vacation with them once they become teenagers, so why not plan activities that will get everybody moving?

The possibilities are endless. With the little ones, an afternoon at the park or a walk are perfect, while older kids will gladly hop on their bike for a ride with Grandpa or Grandma, even more so if a picnic or ice cream tops it off! With teenagers, it is better to schedule something a little edgier: a treetop adventure circuit or via ferrata, winter camping, or bicycle touring.

 People 50 and over will find it very satisfying to share their passion with younger generations, showing them benefits of active aging. For instance, rather that enrolling little Nathan in a tennis class, Grandma or Grandpa can teach him the basics and spend some quality time with him.

Some brain-challenging fun

Leisure activities that appeal more to the brain than the body, like board games, can also foster intergenerational connection. There is a Scrabble junior game for kids age 5 and older that will work out their brain cells, help them improve their spelling, and prepare them to become formidable players one day!

People 50 and over who play the piano or a little guitar, sing in a choir, or cook delicious meals should share their passion and knowledge to create special memories with the ones they love the most!

fadoqTo become a member of Réseau FADOQ, visit or dial 1-800-544-9058.